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Do you have a Leaky Roof? Missing or Flapping Shingles? Our roofing experts will work to quickly find the source of your roof leak, assess roof damage and provide you on the spot roof repair or quickly return to repair larger roof problems. Leaving roof damage unchecked can lead to issues inside your home like molding or rotting, and end up costing you more in the long run. Roof problems are often covered by your homeowners insurance (hail or high winds for example). The residential roofers at CJ's Roofing can help you decide if filing a claim is the right move.

Signs Your Roof May Need to be Repaired

While some damage is obvious, unfortunately this isn't always the case. Indicators your roof may need to be repaired include:
  • missing ceramic tiles or asphalt shingles
  • stopped up drains
  • dripping gutters
  • skylight leaks
  • chimney leaks
Signs of roof damage may be evident inside your home too, such as the presence of water in your wall surfaces and ceilings or attic.
roof repairs in San Antonio, TX
flat roof San Antonio, TX

Will I Need To Replace My Roof Entirely?

In some cases of a leaky roof or other damage, repairs made by a certified roofing professional will suffice. This entails mapping the source of the problem and assessing the damage. A thorough check of the shingles, tiles, and other roofing products is performed in order to permanently stop water infiltration. If the damage is more widespread and the proposed roof repair is not cost effective, we will provide you with detailed options to install a new roof.

We recommend regular evaluations of your roof, as routine inspections will help catch problems early and allow a cost effective solution. This may involve you climbing on a ladder and taking a look or scheduling a professional roof inspection. Missing or damaged shingles can be replaced, and flashing, gutters and downspouts can all be checked and fixed if needed. Inevitably, routine roof maintenance prolongs the life of your roof and protects your home and its precious contents.

Contact CJ's Roofing For a Free Repair Estimate

CJ's Roofing is your reliable residential roofer in San Antonio, TX. Our contractors are skilled at complete roof repairs and installations. We've worked on roofs of all types - flat roofs, dimensional roofs, and more, so we're confident we can fix your roofing dilemma! Contact us today to schedule a FREE estimate.

What People Across Greater San Antonio Are Saying About CJ's Roofing

"I had leaks on my roof seeping into the ceiling. CJ's took very good photos to show me the problems and gave me a price to fix all before going forward. Very quick response, very good attitude, and very good service! Not only will I use them again, I will let my friends know about them. They also took down a large tree branch that had fallen on the roof from a storm! Very pleased with service!!"

"Very pleasant to meet and confer with, very thorough inspection of roof. Took hi-resolution photos of the roof and showed me the problem areas without me having to climb up there. I had nails popping up around the flashing; drove those in and caulked them. Fixed a few shingles that were coming up. Explained the problem and cost of repairs versus potential replacement based on insurance claim."

"Carlos arrived on time as promised. He was very thorough in his assessment of our roof and was honest and fair in his dealings with us. He was very forthcoming with what our needs were but he did not pressure us into additional work. If you want an honest and fair assessment of your roof without the sales pressure of additional services, CJ's Roofing and Repairs is the company to call."

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