Other Services
Did you know that CJ's Roofing provides other home improvement services guaranteed to make your life a little bit easier? In addition to our residential roofing assistance, we can help you with gutter installation, tree management, and construction services like porch and deck building! Find out how we can improve your home in San Antonio, TX today.
Gutter Installation

Have leaves or twigs ever collected in your gutters? Over time, these types of debris can cause damage to your gutters if they haven’t been cleaned properly. If you’ve let mud and other things build up, you may experience flooding and even structural damage. 

The types of gutters you choose must work alongside your roof to ensure proper water drainage can occur. Our team can help with that. 
Gutter Installation San Antonio, TX
Tree Trimming

Trees are great for increasing your home's aesthetic appeal, but if left unchecked, they can also pose big risks to the integrity of your roof.

When tree limbs damage your roof, don't worry about calling an arborist. We offer tree trimming and removal for limbs and branches that put your roof in danger.

Tree Trimming San Antonio, TX
Custom Porch Building

Looking for a great way to spruce up the exterior of your home? We also offer custom porch building for some projects. We only use the highest quality products and design to your exact specifications.

Whether you're looking to give your front door a facelift or create an outdoor social area, we have the experience to fit your needs.
Custom Porch Building San Antonio, TX
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